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Warplanes - Avro Lincoln
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Lincoln bomber-1

Avro Lincoln bomber-1

To improve the performance of theAvo Lancaster bomberat high altitudes and to provide greater bomb-loads, Avro fitted a higher aspect ratio wing and a lengthened fuselage. Initially designated Lancaster B.IV and B.V, the aircraft was called the Lincoln B.1 and B.2. The B.1 had British Merlin 85 engines and the B.2 had Packard-built Merlin 68, 68A or 300 engines. Sixty-one Lincoln B.30s were built in Australia, and some of theses were used on Maritime Patrol/ASW duties. A few served in Argentina.

The Avro Type 694 Lincoln was a British four-engined heavy bomber of the Second World War, first flying on 9 June 1944 and entering service in August 1945, too late to be used in action. The last piston-powered bomber built for the RAF, a total of 604 were built. 

(information from Wikipedia)

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