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Warplanes - Sabre
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Sabrejet F86 mk32

Sabre F-86 mk32

The North American F-86 Sabre (sometimes called the Sabrejet) was a transonic combat aircraft developed for the US Air Force. The F-86 was developed in the 1940s following the end of World War II and was one of the most-produced western jet fighters in the Cold War era. Produced in Ausralia by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) was an Australian aircraft manufacturer. The CAC was established by the Australian government in 1936, to provide it with the capability to produce military aircraft and engines. While the CAC, led initially by Lawrence Wackett, primarily produced Australian versions of foreign aircraft, it also developed a number of original designs during and shortly after the Second World War. The CAC became a fully owned subsidiary of Hawker de Havilland in 1985 and was re-named Hawker de Havilland Victoria Limited in 1986. This company was purchased by Boeing Australia in 2000.

(information from Wikipedia)

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